Plans Investment & plan referrals comission!
Basic Trade Plan:
. 0.3% Daily +$10 for lifetime = InfintyProfits
. 0.6% Daily +$120 for lifetime = InfintyProfits
. 1% Daily +$250 for lifetime = InfintyProfits
Silver Trade Plan:
. 0.6% Daily +$10 for 100 days + deposit back = 160%
. 0.7% Daily +$50 for 100 days + deposit back = 170%
. 0.8% Daily +$100 for 100 days + deposit back = 180%
. 1% Daily +$250 for 100 days + deposit back = 200%
Gold Trade Plan:
. 2.4% Daily +$10 for 50 days = 120%
. 2.6% Daily +$100 for 50 days = 130%
. 2.8% Daily +$300 for 50 days = 140%
. 3% Daily +$500 for 50 days = 150%
Vip Trade Plan:
. 4.2% Daily +$10 for 25 days = 105%
. 4.4% Daily +$200 for 25 days = 110%
. 4.6% Daily +$450 for 25 days = 115%
. 4.8% Daily +$700 for 25 days = 120%
. 5% Daily +$1000 for 25 days = 125%
Referral comission:
. 2-3%+1+0.5%:
. In 1st Level: 2% +$10 deposit, 3% +$100 deposit and +10 active referrals for add in our page representatives
. In 2nd Level 1% +$100 deposit
. In 3rd Level 0.5% +$100 deposit
More info here: a better life for yourself!
Aug-17-2021 03:47:32 PM company registration in Uk and creation of representatives worldwide!
Good evening dear members today we have completed our company registration in Uk: for you to understand better we are a reliable place to invest and we are licensed , we also added a new representatives page: to represent us in your country and promote us more effectively, you will have the benefit of earning 1-3% more on the 1st level that will be 3-5% with + 10 active referrals and +$100 deposit, 4% +400 active referrals and 5% +1000 active referrals, more info in
We will make some adjustments in next days to the design of our template and pages to make everything well presentable and complete
In these last days we also noticed for the 3 time many accounts were blocked only those that had active deposits by hackers' attempts to enter the accounts and steal money but so far nothing has been achieved because we have set up many security barriers such as:
1: After 5 wrong entry attempts on any account, the system automatically blocks and sends a blocked account reactivation email that you can do it manually on the link you receive
2: Even when entering the accounts, it is not allowed to change the email or the ids of the wallets without confirming the link sent to the email
3: It is necessary to know the withdrawal pin code to be able to withdraw funds
4: In the script and on the server we have a 20 strong character pin that only the admin know about
5: You can also enable Two Factor Authentication security option in the dashboard to make your account more secure
Any problem or question you can send to, contact me directly on the live chat or on the telegram:
Company number 13568026
65-67 Ducie Street, Manchester, England, M1 2JQ a better life for yourself!
Aug-16-2021 07:12:23 PM - 4th month online celebration!
Dear members, friends and funs,
We are delighted to announce to all our members that InfinityProfits is growing at an extremely fast rate! This is an impressive achievement for our company and we are proud to have the opportunity to share this information with you.
Today we are offering a deposit bonus of up to 4% on investments of +$100 as a celebration of 120 days online:
1. Invest +$100 and get 1% an additional $1 bonus
2. Invest +$200 and get 2% an additional $4 bonus
3. Invest +$300 and get 3% an additional $9 bonus
4. Invest +$400 and get 4% an additional $16 bonus
Today, we are honored to mark the successful completion of our third month online. However, there is still a long road ahead. At this time, we would like to congratulate all of our members so far on behalf of our team and board of partners. This time period was very eventful, although not always for the better. Nevertheless, we managed to overcome these hurdles and become stronger and better able to handle future challenges in the future. Each day we try our best to improve our investment program, making it better than all the others. We are now proud to serve over 170 clients across the globe.
We would like to emphasize some important points that help to demonstrate some of the rewards from our heightened productivity.
1. We are paying well, and in a prompt fashion. Furthermore, we pay everyone extremely quickly, no matter what problems or hiccups might occur. If you need proof, simply look at what people are saying on forums, blogs, our page rateus and similar investment resources. Of course, you could always get verified and see for yourself!
2. We have improved our DDoS protection in order to prevent hackers from attacking our website, we change our template, banners and will register company soon in Uk. Rest assured that we are doing our best to maintain performance at the highest level possible.
3. We do not have, nor need, an aggressive marketing campaign. We do not utilize much money in order to promote InfinityProfits in order to get more members. Rather, we rely more on positive word of mouth of our members, which is both more effective, and free! All we have to do, then, is our jobs, quietly and honestly.
Just imagine, those members that have been with us since the beginning have already earned more than 100% of pure profit!
As you know, we are currently trying our hardest to stand out in everything we do. We work very hard in order to achieve the best results for your investments. We have also put a lot of time and effort into improving the customer service side of things, improving your overall experience at InfinityProfits.
If you are still not a participant in our program, we strongly advise you to join us without delay! This is potentially a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will significantly increase your capital. We can assure you that you will not find such a solid opportunity to increase your capital several times, or even ten times over, anywhere else!
Have a great the rest of your day and enjoy intelligent investing with InfinityProfits.
InfinityProfits Team a better life for yourself!
Aug-12-2021 02:36:29 PM
Processors payment our accept & registers!
.PerfectMoney: Withdraw instant and minimum $0.01 and 0% fees
.EpayCore: Withdraw instant and minimum $0.01 and 0% fees
.NixMoney: Withdraw instant and minimum $0.01 and 0% fees
.Bitcoin: Withdraw manual and minimum $29 and $6.99 fees
.Ethereum: Withdraw instant and minimum $19 and $5.99 fees
.Bitcoin Cash: Withdraw instant and minimum $19 and $1.99 fees
.DogeCoin: Withdraw instant and minimum $15 and $0.49 fees
.Dash: Withdraw instant and minimum $9 and $0.79 fees
.Litecoin: Withdraw instant and minimum $9 and $0.69 fees
Registers in wallets:
For PerfectMoney:
For NixMoney:
For EpayCore:
For Bitcoin, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Dash:
Exchanges between wallets:
Exchange low fees and instants exchanges: a better life for yourself!
Apr-20-2021 02:21:28 PM
Our 24 forums!
24: a better life for yourself!
Apr-20-2021 02:08:09 PM
Our 14 monitors!
14: a better life for yourself!
Apr-20-2021 02:05:11 PM
Our social media links:
Telegram group:
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Telegram Admin:
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Facebook page:
Twitter account: a better life for yourself!
Apr-16-2021 02:01:06 PM
Welcome to!
I am a great admin because i have a lot of experience because i work since 2012 in online investment business, in 2017 i start make programs hyips like,, and now, all these programs have worked for over 6 months and you can prove it by searching with many investors getting profits in the order of +300%, we had in the past some problems with our technical design/hosting teams as well as with some scam monitors that we excluded they forever
I have some money because i am boss a construction houses master and my goal is to make this program work long time and maybe forever a better life for yourself!
Apr-15-2021 01:53:59 PM